All works carried out in the plant are done under permit to work procedure. Hours worked since last Loss Time Accident (LTA) and up to date.

  1. everity rate = zero
  2. Frequency rate = zero
    All personnel involved in shutdowns are given a pre-shutdown safety talk.

This will focus clearly on safe working methods, strict observance of the client safety regulations personnel protective equipment and the interaction of long number of operatives working in a relatively confined area.
SGB Al-Dabal is the scaffolding market leader in its territory throughout its own resources, it has always shown its capabilities to cover numerous projects needs in all work aspects, in the construction sector, oil & gas and petrochemical fields.

The extensive range of Products and well experienced manpower have proven to be adaptable to the varying requirements of commercial construction varying from domestic Villas to Hospitals, Shopping malls, Mosques and Airports.

SGB Al-Dabal maintains quality of service as its key aim. Accredited to ISO 9001 by BSI (British Standards Institute). SGB Dabal will provide you the highest quality service in the most safe and efficient manner to your ultimate satisfaction.

This is achieved through the total commitment of all employees to continue improving the company’s working procedures.

SGB Al-Dabal believes in the elimination of risk throughout its services.

To attain this high level of service, maximum attention is given by management to planning and professional work practices.

Safety and Quality are the cornerstones of our company and our procedures are subject to continuous review to improve and develop the level of service to all of our clients.