SGB Cuplok is a registered trade mark of SGB No. 1028553 and is covered by worldwide patents.

Cuplok's unique locking action makes it the world's fastest, safest and most economic scaffolding system.

The Cuplok Fastening Method

The success of Cuplok lies in the 'node point' or fastening method. Four horizontals can be fastened at one time, making a very rigid connection. The horizontals bear directly on to the verticals and are firmly clamped by the action of the top cup.

There are no loose parts to misplace. The rigid node point allows for the high horizontal loads experienced with a 57kN leg load. Cuplok is made from the highest quality steel providing the benefit of high strength with low component weight and ease of handling.


When investing in equipment, it must be as versatile as possible, and SGB Cuplok is ideal for many applications: formwork support, general access, circular scaffolding, mobile towers, loading towers, tableforms and many other uses.

Cuplok is now widely used in industries as diverse as ship building, ship repair, refinery maintenance and general construction.

Cuplok is even specified as standard issue by N.A.T.O. armed forces for quick to erect temporary structures like water towers and observation posts.

Speed of Erection
Speed of erection and simplicity are the keys to Cuplok's success.
It can be erected 75% faster than traditional scaffolding.
It is much easier to erect than other methods.
Components can be fastened easily and quickly.
Designed to be tough, Cuplok is highly resistant to damage.

Traditional Scaffolding
Pressed Fittings
  • A product of fine engineering skills, they are manufactured by a modern rapid production system that ensures that they remain the most cost-effective fitting available from the U.K. Yet large-scale manufacturing does not imply a reduction in quality, as production line inspection maintains the highest possible quality control to ensure that every fitting performs reliably on site.
  • The materials employed are principally alloy steels to BS 1449, and fittings are fully tested to ensure compliance with the slip and distortion requirements of BS 1139.
  • SGB Pressed Fittings are also treated to resist corrosion, having a complete zinc coating with chromate passivation to BS 1706.
  • Quality is the keynote of SGB pressed fittings: our reputation rests on every single component, which must perform safely and efficiently on site. Every fitting carries our full guarantee of quality and reliability.
Drop Forged Fittings
  • SGB have been producing drop forged fittings for many years, and they have proved to be highly popular in producing the important combination of strength and robustness.
  • Our double couplers in particular include the strongest fitting of its kind available, and because of this, our products are specified for civil engineering where the most reliable and robust products are required.
  • All the fittings in our range meet the minimum requirements of the relevant British Standards.
Scaffold Boards
  • The requirement for scaffolding boards is covered by 2 options, standard and laminated.
  • The ordinary lumber board is a European whitewood board graded for quality and supplied in standard sizes.
  • The laminated scaffold board is a manufactured product which is performance tested and approved to International regulations.
  • The benefit of known structural properties and performance combined with the 3 to 4 times greater life expectancy of the board make it the best choice for long term investment.
Scaffold Tube
  • To complete the range of traditional scaffolding components, high quality galvanised steel tube is available from all our locations in standard lengths and non-standard lengths to order.

SGB Metriform panels are steel framed with replaceable plywood infills and are supplied in Full and Half width options.

For floor and wall construction, this simple and economic method prevents the grout loss which is common with other systems and results in poor surface finishes.

The double sided resin coated plywood gives long life as both sides can be used many more times than untreated plywood. The 70mm deep welded steel frame is of hot rolled, high yield stress steel to resist damage and site abuse.

Length x Width (m) Weight (kg)
2.4 x 0.6* 39.8
1.8 x 0.6* 30.4
1.5 x 0.6 25.6
1.2 x 0.6 20.6
0.9 x 0.6 16.0
2.4 x 0.3* 26.7
1.8 x 0.3* 20.2
1.5 x 0.3 16.9
1.2 x 0.3 13.4
0.9 x 0.3 09.2
* Not normally used for floor construction.

Built-in simplicity with its resulting speed of erection, striking and dismantling is one of the outstanding features of the SGB Metriform system.

Only a limited number of components are required for the construction of any type of wall and SGB Cuplok scaffolding is fully compatible as a Quick Strike supporting system for the use of the panels in floor construction.

Design Service

SGB technical staff are always available to advise on the use of SGB Metriform and to design and prepare complete schemes for its application. This specialist service is available without obligation.

New Profile

The new profile of the MK II Soldier, with it's pattern of diamond shaped holes with stiffening ribs, is the result of an extensive computer analysis to determine the best balance between strength, stiffness, and weight.


Wide Range

With a comprehensive range of eight lengths of soldier and a choice of essential accessories, the contractor can find economical solutions to all his wall formwork problems.



When the soldiers are combined with the SGB Du-Al aluminium waling beams, even greater economies can be made. The greater strength of the Du-Al walings allows soldier spacings and tie loads to be optimised.

To this can be added the benefits of long life, light weight, and fast assembly, all combining to give the most versatile system ever for wall formwork.

Used with large, high quality sheets of plywood, the SGB MK II Soldier system can satisfy even the most stringent concrete finish specifications whilst keeping deflection to acceptable limits even with the highest concrete pressures.

It can also be easily adapted for use as a high strength beam or shore with the use of the comprehensive range of MK-II accessories.




The full 115 kN permissible load can be carried at any position along the soldier, and does not decrease with higher bending moments.


SGB has been at the forefront of the development of aluminium formwork systems in recent years.

The benefits of aluminium formwork products, compared with their steel and timber equivalents, have had a major impact on formwork practice.

The light weight of aluminium beams, which can weigh as little as one-third of their steel equivalent, opens the way to greatly increased site acceptance and productivity.

The corrosion resistance of aluminium ensures a long maintenance-free life, further extended by the fact that it cannot be easily cut up on site like timber beams.

The SGB Du-Al system comprises a range of 3 aluminium beams, all specially computed to give optimum strength with minimum weight.

Each beam has been designed to perform a specific function and, by combining them, the most economic solution can be provided to cover every application.

Other systems, where only a single beam section is available, result in compromises which will often adversely affect both the materials and labour costs.

Aluminium System
BOSS Aluminium System

The BOSS system incorporates a host of features which set a new standard in aluminium tower engineering for today, and the future. Over 30 new design modifications improve stability, safety, durability and versatility.

BOSS is the only new system designed to fully comply with HD 1004, the stringent new pan European standard for mobile towers.

The BOSS system consists of four basic tower configurations which can be assembled separately or as a complete scaffold in order to provide a comprehensive access solution.


The unique BOSS design ensures maximum use of common components between different tower configurations. Stockholding can therefore be kept to a minimum.

BOSS can be supplied in "Stairway" or "Span" configurations in frame width of 0.85m & 1.45m and Platform lengths of 1.80m, 2.50m & 3.20m


The BOSS system fully complies with HD 1004 and has been tested and certified to BS 1139: Part 3:1994 and DIN 4422 8/92, as well as receiving National approvals in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and the Czech Republic. It also conforms to US standard ANSI A10-8 1988 and is UL classified.


BOSS combines new heights of performance with outstanding safety features, for example

  • Patented claw for the most secure grip.
  • Integral ladders for safe access.
  • Ribbed tubing for non-slip grip.
  • Integral inclined stairway option for frequent access uses.
  • Windlock devices on the platforms prevent decks from lifting.
  • Offset platform claws allow aligned continuos platform runs on linked structures.
  • Static stabilizers and mobile outriggers provide increased stability for taller structures.
General Products

SGB have developed a comprehensive range of supplementary products that combine with the main formwork systems to provide the most efficient and appropriate solution for any formwork problem or requirement.


SGB props, are an economic and popular method of support in the building industry today. Ideally suited to all kinds of building construction and repair.

  • Six sizes range from 1.04m to 6.10m.
  • Completely adjustable for height.
  • Extremely robust, easy to handle, compact to store.
  • Quick and simple to erect.
  • No loose parts, no tools necessary.
  • Headplates suit modern formwork systems for slab construction.
  • Sizes 0 to 4 conform fully to BS 4074 : 1966

For use wherever an adjustable inclined strut is required, suitable for all building systems and for plumbing formwork.


Two simple solutions for the requirement of traditional formwork strutting to the sides of beams and the restraint of column shutters.

GASS System
GASS Aluminium Shoring System

GASS has been designed, developed and manufactured by SGB to meet the speed, safety and economic demands of the modern construction industry.

GASS is the result of the extensive experience gained by SGB, working on many of the largest and most demanding projects in the world.

This experience has made us the market leader in the field of aluminium shoring and uniquely positioned to introduce this "next generation" shoring system.

Quite simply, GASS has been designed to be safer, stronger and more versatile than any other previously available system - yet still offers competitive economic advantages.

Not surprisingly, the development of GASS has been far from simple and already has five international patents awarded to protect its innovative design.

The time savings offered by GASS and the systems strength and versatility now allows the benefits of aluminium shoring to be applied to a much wider range of construction applications.

The assembly of a GASS support only requires the use of 3 main individual components, resulting in minimum component identification difficulties and ultimate adaptability and configuration options for the user, while still allowing for leg loads of up to 130 kN to be safely supported.

LOGIK System
GASS Aluminium Shoring System

On small to medium building sites concrete forms have to be installed individually for every cast structure and handled with or without the assistance of a crane. SGB have addressed this requirement with a new product range which is specifically designed to cover both situations. The Logik modular panel system can be supplied in two configurations, Logik 50 and Logik 60. The unique frame section and the user friendly format of erecting and fixing will help you to achieve your projects production and programme targets.

The Logic 50 system allows for the situation where crane handling of materials is not possible. Specifically designed to be efficient and versatile but still maintaining light weight with the maximum strength, the Logic 50 system is supplied in width and height configurations which allow it to be applied to the varied dimensions and intricate structures which can be experienced in domestic and commercial construction projects.

The Logic 60 system also enjoys the high levels of efficiency and versatility found in the Logic 50 system, but with the advantage of increased strength and larger panel sizes. This system is suitable for installation by crane which allows it to be stripped and re-used in large panel configurations, therefore achieving further economies through the reduction of placing and stripping times.

A full range of accessories for each system ensure that the maximum number of applications can be achieved on all types of projects.

SPRINT Frame Scaffolding System

The SGB Sprint galvanised modular scaffold access system introduces a fast and more flexible solution to the requirement for moving the scaffolding as work progresses.

This new patented design is very easy to assemble and has the built in rigidity and versatility that helps to give your workers more confidence in their ability to get the job done.

Designed to achieve the requirements of the new European DIN standard HD1000, SGB Sprint achieves the highest quality standard available in international frame scaffolding systems.

The additional built in safety through the integral ladder access, double handrail and one piece decking units ensure that this innovative SGB product achieves a level of excellence far in excess of traditional frame systems.

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